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Concentrated nutrition to help your body properly metabolize sugar.
Given how out-of-balance the typical American’s diet has become, it’s no wonder that millions of us either already suffer from or are at risk of developing diabetes. We eat way too many simple sugars, way too often. Candy, french fries, potato chips, ice cream, pasta and more— they all cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, followed by a corresponding rise in insulin, which in turn causes blood sugar to plummet. Eventually, this drastic up-and-down activity begins to take its toll on the body’s ability to metabolize sugar, leading to the onset of diabetes. Specially formulated to assist the body in metabolizing blood sugar, Cinnergen has also been clinically proven to decrease the symptoms that commonly accompany elevated blood sugar and its effects.

• Made from 15 whole foods
• Great Taste
• Once-a-day formula
• No fat, carbs, sugar or calories

A synergistic and holistic approach to managing diabetes combining hundreds of nutrients from 15 concentrated herbal food sources.
The whole food concentrates in Cinnergen provide your body with everything from essential amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and trace minerals to bioflavonoids, antioxidants and phyto chemicals. All occur naturally (as opposed to being synthetically created in a lab) and are in proportion and form optimal for the body’s use. Here are some of Cinnergen’s key ingredients, along with brief descriptions of the medicinal/healing properties attributed to each:

• Cinnamon Bark Extract — A naturally occurring spice proven in clinical studies to make insulin work more efficiently.
• Blueberry Leaf Extract — Used for centuries to lower blood sugar levels.
• Cranberry Extract — Well-known for treating urinary tract problems and recognized for its excellent kidney-cleansing properties.
• Oat Seed Extract — Shown to relieve both mental and physical fatigue.

Plus: Kelp Extract; Sugar Sea Beet Extract; Acerola Berry Extract; Ginger Root Extract; Black Cherry Extract; Green Tea Extract; Irish Moss Extract; Aloe Vera 100x; Pau d’Arco Extract; Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract; Purified Water; Natural Flavors; Citric Acid; Stevia Leaf Extract; Potassium Sorbate; and Sodium Benzoate (preservatives).

What exactly is Cinnergen?

Cinnergen is a liquid whole food nutritional supplement that provides vital ingredients to enhance your diet. These ingredients, which are deficient or missing altogether from a normal diet, are needed by your body to properly metabolize sugar and use it as energy. The whole food concentrates in cinnergen provide such things as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, bioflavinoids, antioxidants and several phyto chemicals, all which are of great benefit to your body!

What does Cinnergen do?

Very simply, Cinnergen delivers concentrated nutrition to help the body efficiently and effectively metabolize sugar. One of the main reasons diabetes and other blood sugar imbalances occur is because the typical diet is not only high in sugar but also deficient in several of the vital nutrients the body needs to properly process sugar and turn it into energy. If these nutrients are not provided by the foods we eat, our bodies are forced to leach them from elsewhere in the system. As a whole food complex, Cinnergen provides several key ingredients proven clinically and through years of research to improve digestion and utilization of sugar. As the body becomes more efficient with glucose metabolism, overall health is improved.

Can I take and get benefits from Cinnergen even if I am not diabetic?

Cinnergen was not developed solely for Diabetics, nor is it just for people diagnosed with diabetes. In fact, it is estimated that 25% of the population experiences a condition called insulin resistance – even though they are not diabetic. Insulin resistance is a complex process whereby the body loses its ability to use the insulin it secretes to metabolize blood sugar inside the cells for energy. Consequently, as this person becomes tired or fatigued, he or she feels the need to eat even more sugar. As this process escalates, sensitivity is further reduced. Blood sugar continues to rise, as does insulin production. These two factors contribute to a wide array of health problems – often way before and independent of the onset of diabetes.

How do I know if I have insulin resistance?

Oftentimes hypoglycemia – which is low blood sugar – precedes diabetes. This is when the system overreacts to ingested sugar and the insulin response is too strong. As a result, blood sugar drops, weakness and other symptoms ensue, and there is an overwhelming need to eat more sugar. If this is a typical pattern, there is a good chance that hypoglycemia is present. If healthy nutritional guidelines are not implemented there is a strong possibility that at some point in the future hyperglycemia or diabetes will occur. Other indications include a constant need to drink fluids, and excessive urination. The American Diabetes Association states that there are 41 million people in the United States, ages 40-74, who have pre-diabetes.


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